Client: Automotive Safety Systems Manufacturer

Technology: Ultrasonic Testing UT Plus Pass Through Washing


The client part was a pressure vessel component made from seamless steel tubing that was necked down, or swaged, on each end. There are risks inherent to the manufacture of both the straight tubing and the process of necking down. An automotive part with flaws can lead to leaks or rupture of the pressure vessel. In either case, safety is compromised. In addition to being inspected for flaws, pressure vessel component parts must also be cleaned to remove oils and debris collected during manufacture, and they must be packed in small totes suitable for delivery to the work cell in which they are consumed.


AMS developed a custom Ultrasonic Testing and Pass Through Washing System to examine the entire part, from end to end, in a single UT examination. AMS then fed the parts directly to wash and eventual packing into totes to feed directly to client production lines.

pressure vessel components

Client Benefits

  • Risk of leak and rupture of the pressure vessel components were managed, which resulted in the avoidance of significant potential costs.
  • Combining of Ultrasonic Testing + wash + packing at high speed provided significant cost savings.
    • There was no multiple handling of the pressure vessel components.
    • Transport costs were avoided.
  • The 100% conforming pressure vessel components arrived at the client’s plant ready for use in their assembly work cell.
  • The client’s PPM target for the pressure vessel components was achieved.
  • AMS was able to deliver the pressure vessel components on time.

In one year of mass production more than

potentially defective parts were identified and contained.

The client saved

dollars by utilizing AMS’s In-Line Wash and Pack System.