Client: Automotive Safety Systems Manufacturer

Technology: Ultrasonic Evaluation Testing UT


The client part was a deep draw formed component, which was mechanically fastened to a mating part. The process of draw forming can lead to laps, tears, delamination or other potential flaws. An automotive part with flaws can split or rupture during assembly at a client’s plant, or can become a latent defect prone to split or rupture, once in the field.


AMS developed a custom, high speed Ultrasonic Examination tailored to the specific area of interest.

Ultrasonic Evaluation

Client Benefits

  • This automotive safety systems manufacturer experienced a reduction in number of issues at assembly and fewer complaints by end users.
  • The typical reject rates average at one percent, and without ongoing Ultrasonic Testing and examination, many more component failure incidents would occur.
  • The client’s PPM expectations for the deep draw formed components were met.
  • The client’s on-time delivery targets were met.
  • The client’s machine uptime and throughput were increased.
  • Onsite sorting activities in the client’s plant were avoided.

Over 5 years of mass production more than

potentially defective parts have been identified and contained.