Client: Defense Contractor

Technology: Ultrasonic Testing UT


The client part was an aluminum impact extrusion. The raw impact extrusion was heavily machined in multiple downstream operations. The raw aluminum ingot may contain material imperfections, which are problematic. The impact extruding process can lead to cracks, voids, tears, stress risers or other defects that render the part unusable at best and unsafe at worst. For these reasons there are US Government (Department of Defense DoD) flow downs requiring Ultrasonic Testing and inspection of this aluminum impact extrusion part.


AMS developed a custom Ultrasonic Testing Examination, which covered the entire aluminum impact extrusion profile at very low cycle time.

Ultrasonic Testing

Client Benefits

  • Department of Defense DoD flow down requirements were met without the client or an extrusion supplier having to invest in internal equipment to test their aluminum impact extrusion parts.
  • Scrap costs were avoided by not machining bad extrusions.
  • By employing AMS to provide Ultrasonic Testing of the aluminum impact extrusion parts, the Defense Contractor realized optimum costs savings, compared to if testing had been pursued at their own site.

During one program year nearly

potentially defective parts were identified and contained, saving an estimated

dollars in scrap costs.