Client: Automotive Manufacturer

Technology: Immersion Wash


The client part was a small automotive safety stamped part. The client had found evidence of debris in the shipment and sent the parts to AMS for cleaning and finishing.


AMS developed an immersion wash process that was effective at removing the contamination. The automotive parts were washed, rinsed in a rust preventive solution, dried and then repacked for delivery to the client in order to meet their deadlines.

Client Benefits

  • The suspect lot(s) were salvaged, which avoided the need to scrap the automotive parts or return them to the supplier for reworking.
  • One-hundred percent conforming material was delivered to the client, averting line rejects and the costs associated with it, along with the need for the client to sort.
    • There was no multiple handling of goods.
    • Transport costs were prevented.
    • The parts arrived at the client’s plant, ready for immediate use.