Advanced Material Solutions Acquires

Advanced Resonance Solutions LLC

Non-destructive testing AZ companies combine forces


September 8, 2017 (Phoenix) – Advanced Material Solutions (AMS), which provides high speed, high volume non-destructive testing. And parts cleaning services to the automotive, transportation, medical device, consumer products and pharmaceutical industries. Announced today the acquisition of Advanced Resonance Solutions LLC (ARS).

ARS and President Gail Stultz are preeminent global experts in Acoustic Resonance Inspection for high volume manufacturing. And have more than thirty years of experience in vibration and acoustic testing. Gail has been credited with creating EZ-NDT, the first acoustic resonant inspection system designed for the plant floor. And, as NDT Product Manager at the Modal Shop, he created NDT-RAM, Resonant Acoustic Method. Sold to many U.S. and Japanese automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Since forming ARS in 2015 Gail has continued serving clients. With acoustic resonance inspection services and has continued to develop ever more capable ARI systems.

ARS merges AMS

“The acquisition of ARS merges AMS and ARS capabilities, allowing us to jointly expand and deepen the services we provide to clients and to continue the development of new ARI technology.” said Peter Miller, AMS President. “ARS’ vast experience in ARI applications spans virtually all component types. We’re keen to leverage that experience to help clients in all markets we serve”, he added.

“I am confident with the decision to merge with a company that has over thirty years’ experience in safety critical components and that is committed to excellence in service to customers” said Gail Stultz. “AMS has an internal motto – Own the Outcome – and I make that pledge to our customers, whether it involves delivering an inspection system, performing an inspection at an AMS site, or helping the customer troubleshoot issues with existing systems they may have in-house. The joining of our companies empowers us to deploy our combined resources to reach and help more customers throughout North America, and I look forward growing that position in the marketplace.”


Advanced Material Solutions’ business is to provide high speed, high volume non-destructive testing, flaw detection and parts cleaning services for the automotive, transportation, medical device, consumer product and pharmaceutical industries, thereby ensuring product integrity for its customers. The company has operations in Phoenix, Arizona and Ogden, Utah. For more information on the Company and its services, please visit